The Yorkshire Dales Environment Network

The Yorkshire Dales Environment Network’s aim is to balance and enhance the work of its members by facilitating information exchange and collaboration, whilst protecting the unique landscape and biodiversity that make the Dales such an iconic and special place.

Featured News and Projects

white clawed crayfish

Volunteers needed for crayfish surveys

The Environment Agency is looking for volunteers to take part in a project this summer, to assess the population status of white-clawed crayfish in Yorkshire.
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Pipistrelle bat

Predictive mapping of bats

Modelling bat-habitat relationships to produce high resolution maps of predicted bat distributions. 
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Identifying habitat for waders

Building GIS-based maps of wader distribution across the park to facilitate landscape scale management.
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Vegetation mapping

Mapping the Dales' plant communities

Using detailed digital data from readily available sources to predict plant communities right across the National Park.
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The Yorkshire Dales Environment Network is a partnership between many of the landowners and organisations involved in the daily life and long term protection of the Yorkshire Dales.